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Dewstack gives you the power to effortlessly create, manage, and host your docs. All in one place, in a quick & easy way, with no technical knowledge.

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One Platform. Many Use Cases.

User Manual

Build amazing User Manuals quickly and let your users help themselves instantly

Dewstack user manual example

Knowledge Base

Build beautiful knowledge base. Categorise sections and display them as a landing page

Dewstack knowledge base example

System Design

Build and share Design Docs with your internal & external teams.

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Release Notes

Build and maintain Release notes/Changelogs. Let your users always know what features/fixes have been released.

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Make FAQs quickly and let your users get answers to common questions.

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Personal Notes

Use the private workspace to jot down your daily notes, To-Dos etc. Make it work as your tracker.

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Product Docs

Make beautiful Product Docs for your users and stakeholders.

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Say goodbye to scattered documentation and hello to Dewstack

Bring-in Your Content

Import your existing content with Ease

Never start from scratch. Import your existing content using PDF, Docx, Markdown, HTML or Zip file.

  • Multiple formats supported

  • Import Google docs, Notion, Confluence files

  • Get a structured content ready to be edited

Powerful Editing Experience

Feature rich editor to make editing a Breeze

With Rich Embeds, Tables, Word & Excel paste, beautiful call-outs and will only make beautiful docs.

  • Pre-defined templates

  • Embed content from 30+ platforms, including Airtable, Typeform, and CodePen.

  • Embed iframes, code blocks or custom scripts

Unlock the power of professional-grade documentation with Dewstack

Ease of use

Simple to use and manage

Dewstack is designed to be easy to use, so you can focus on creating your content, not figuring out how to use the platform

  • Drag-and-Drop ordering

  • Nested pages

  • DIY & Highly Customisable

  • Multi-Language Support

Collaborate with team

Bring in your Team to work on content

With roles and permissions, you can ensure that everyone has the right access they need to get the job done.

  • Invite internal or external teams

  • Grant role based access permissions

  • Revoke access when work is complete

Upgrade your documentation game with DewStack's all in one platform

publish with full control

Choose how you want to Host your content

Dewstack gives you the option to host your documentation on your own domain, or use a free sub-domain.

  • Public or Private workspace

  • Free Dewstack sub-domain

  • Custom Domain

  • Free SSL certificate

Trusted by 500+       Businesses        Worldwide

  Trusted by 500+ Businesses                       Worldwide

Trusted by 500+ Businesses Worldwide

           Trusted by 500+ Businesses                              Worldwide

"Dewstack just serves perfectly to launch the project in less than a week where before I struggled with a code developer for half a year without good results. I love the import from Word which saves me probably month of time on copy-pasting and formatting content, heads up!!"

Adjunga Nossin
Creator of CONNECT CRM

"Sometimes the simple looking tech has had a lot of 'thinking, planning and coding' to make it seem simple - end result, great for us and great for our clients. Keep on building guys."

Steve Rushton
Founder at Travel Marketing Systems

"We have found Dewstack to be an excellent tool for developing online documentation for our platform. We are a startup and needed a minimalist and elegant solution for hosting our FAQs, terms and conditions, and privacy policies. Dewstack met our requirements in all respects"

Randeep Sudan
Founder and CEO | Multiverz

"This app worths much beyond the current price.It is easy to use and comprehensive.The unlimited workspace feature in the higher tier package is wonderful."

Ahmed Negida
Physician-Scientist, Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School

"We were using multiple tools for our documentation needs, which was causing a lot of confusion and inefficiencies. Dewstack has helped us streamline everything into one platform. The ability to embed content from other platforms has also been a big help, as we can bring in information from various sources now"

Sara Jane
Operations Manager at Llamaray solutions

"As a freelancer, I've tried many documentation tools, but none have come close to Dewstack. It's highly customizable, and I can easily collaborate with my clients to create the perfect documentation. Plus, the option to host on my own domain gives me complete control over my work. "

John D'mallo
Freelance Technical Writer

"As a solo entrepreneur, I was looking for a simple and affordable solution for my documentation needs. Dewstack is so easy to use, and I was able to get my documentation up and running in no time. The ability to host on my own domain and the free SSL certificate were also a big selling points for me."

Chris Dolan
Solopreneur & Freelancer

Launch your next Docs with Dewstack.

Everything you need to build a simple & powerful documentation

No credit card required.